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Your Bike and Ski Tuning Experts

We have a full service repair and tuning center for bicycles and cross-country skis. We can tackle all job types to keep you out on the trails all year-round. Recently, we added a full service suspension tuning center as well and can rebuild your shock, right here in Truckee and Sacramento.

Call Truckee (530) 587-5561 to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

Call Sacramento (916) 329-8749 to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

Bike Tune-Up Packages

Basic Tune-Up


Basic Tune-Up:

Adjust Derailleurs

Adjust Brakes

True wheels on the bike

Lube Chain

Bike Wiped Down

Air up tires

Torque all bolts including Suspension

MTB Deluxe Tune


Basic Tune-Up in addition to:

Complete Wash W/Bike Lust Wipe

Wheel True in Stand

True wheels on the bike

Front and Rear Hydraulic Brake Bleed 

Add Sealant F+R

MTB Full Service


MTB Deluxe Tune in addition to:

Rear shock service Seals and oil
(No Damper service) 

Front Suspension service Seal and Oil
(No Damper service)

*Reverb rebuild Service additional $100

Home Bike and Ski Repair 

We recommend adding a few items to your at-home work bench to keep your equipment in the best shape. Consider some ski waxing tools, bike cleaner, or some chain lube to get started.